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Santisima Trinidad


The Latin American experience of the basic ecclesial communities stems from the renewal of the ecclesiology of the Second Vatican Council.
The council says: "The Church advances with all humanity, experiences the earthly lot of the world and its raison d'être is to act as leaven and soul of society" (Gs40)
Basic ecclesial communities arise and develop within the church, remaining in solidarity with their lives, nourished by their teachings, united with their pastors. From the need to live and still more intensely the life of the church or the desire for a more human dimension that can hardly be offered by the larger ecclesial communities, especially in the great contemporary cities that favor anonymity and overcrowding .... "They want to gather together to hear the word of God for the sacraments, the fraternal agape of the people that life itself finds already united in the struggle for justice, fraternal help to the poor, human promotion ..." (Paul VI, EN 58)


The New Life Ministry promotes the defense of life from all its stages.
It is an open ministry that meets on Saturday (every 15 days) in the Holy Family Church from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
His apostolate is done by praying the Rosasio of the Unborn Children at the American Women's Medical Center in Des Plaines, the fourth Saturday of each month beginning April to October from 9:00 am to 10:00 am and so on Saturdays, we pray in Mary Town, from 9:00 am to 10:00 am
In October we made the march for life, from the Holy Family Church to the Immaculate Conception Church, in the city of Waukegan.


The Association was founded in Mexico City in 1943 by Ms. Josefina Morales de Campos and authorized by Monsignor José Ma. Martínez, Archbishop of Mexico City.
Due to changes that needed to be made, the Campos Morales family moved to the city of Monterrey, NL, in the year 1950. Ms. Campos continued "to Obra de Jesús" in that city, having obtained the 1st of October Of 1975, the DECREE OF DIOCESAN APPROVAL granted by His Excellency Don Alfonso Espino y Silva, leaving the headquarters of the Association of Christian Wives in the city of Monterrey.
In 1986, the Association was recognized as a NATIONAL ORGANIZATION, by the Most Excellent Bishop of Chilapa, Don José María Hernández González, then President of the Episcopal Commission for the Apostolate of the Laity.
Mrs. Campos was born on October 11, 1910 and rested in the Peace of the Lord on March 30, 1984.
At present, this "work of Jesus" continues to bear fruit through the grace of God

Specific Purposes:
•    The glory of God
• Salvation and sanctification of souls
General Purposes:
• More to know God
• More loving God
• And to serve God better in the sublime mission of Woman, Wife, Mother, Christian Mistress and Apostle of the Domestic Church
The Evangelization of Women in the Sacrament of Matrimony, giving her an integral formation, both in her natural and spiritual selves, so that she may evangelize her Domestic Church, that is, her husband, children, employees ... and her social environment.

The group takes care that the wife and mother live every day the Yes of his Sacrament of
Marriage pronounced before the Altar; The Yes that has many links since the wife and mother is linked to the salvation and sanctification of the beings that God has entrusted to him, so he must strengthen his self-esteem by knowing, appreciating and appreciating the dignity of his being.

DE MUJER - She is the axis of family life and must transmit joy and optimism, but above all, FAITH ... and to care with love, generosity and great responsibility the development of physical, spiritual, moral, intellectual and social life and beings Which God has entrusted to you.
DE ESPOSA - Caring for conjugal harmony, a goal that is not improvised but is conquered through love, manifested in personal attention, understanding and patience.

From MOTHER - Together with her husband in the Sacrament of Matrimony, she must be able to cooperate "with strength of Spirit" with the Love of the Creator and Savior, who through the spouses enriches daily his own family. "Transmitting human life and educating it is the duty and mission of the wife and husband who know each other's co-workers of the Love of God
(Cf. Gaudem et spes, 50)

There is an urgent need, above all at present, for the Woman, Wife and Mother to be the First Witness of the FAITH, with his timely word and example in the true Christian life, being an Apostle of the Domestic Church "so that the virtue of the Gospel Shine in family and social life. "
(Cf. Apostolic Exhortation Familairis Consortio, 5)


Especially for women united in the Sacrament of Marriage, including widows.

They are organized in small groups, in private houses, for two hours, one day a week, the coordinator being a leader authorized by the General Council (based in Monterrey, NL). The meetings are held during three quarters of the year ONLY during the School Cycle of each entity, so that during the school holidays the child is given as much time as possible.
These weekly meetings are to remember some of the Christian Truths that feed the intelligence and move the will to PRACTICE, and to LIVE good and to avoid evil, taking Christ to the homes, full of Strength because it tries to attend and to correspond to His Words : "I'M THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE".

Name of the Manager: Alicia Ramírez de Morales
Meeting place: Hall 5 of the church of the Sagrada Familia
Day and time: on Fridays, from 10 to 12 of the day.


The Night Adoration that takes place in our parishes came from Mexico and after having grown up now is done as American Night Adoration, are families Adoring Jesus in the Sacrament, living the Eucharist with a constant participation, praying for all the needs in the world . They are a community that exalts and recognizes the presence of Jesus King of Kings in the Eucharist.
The nocturnal adoration is a group of people that we gather to adore to the holy sacrament during the night began in Rome in the basilica of Santa Maria in 1810 and in Mexico 1900 in San Felipe de Jesus
Here in the United States in 1927 and we in Waukegan started in the month of June 2011 at present in 37 countries of the world. We invite you to participate in night worship every first Saturday of the month in the holy family church starting at 8:30 p.m. in room # 4,

Everyone can participate. The women are until 11 at night and the men stay the whole night and end with a 7:00 a.m. Mass on Sunday, everyone is invited. There is someone waiting for you; It is Jesus come forward and experience the love of God. You will receive many blessings. Any questions call the coordinator of this ministry: Antíoco Flores 847 662 0128.

Fr. Michael Boehm and Father Salvador Vaca formed the grassroots ecclesial communities in 1997 at Waukegan, looking at the urgent need to discern ways in which the church in the United States can better respond to the presence of Hispanics / Latinos and empower Ways in which Hispanics / Latinos respond as evangelizers by being fermented from the kingdom of God.
1. Basic ecclesial communities as a community integrate family: adults, youth and children in close interpersonal relationship in faith.
2. As Ecclesial, it is a community of faith, hope and charity: celebrate the word of God in life, through solidarity and commitment to the New Commandment of the Lord "Love your neighbor as yourself" and Ecclesial mission and the visible community with legitimate Pastors, through the service of lay committed leaders.
3. It is basic, because it consists of a few brothers and sisters permanently and as a cell of the great community. There are currently 10 Base Ecclesial Communities in our Most Holy Trinity Parish We meet once a week to hear the word of God, read the gospel of Sunday and follow the method of the basic ecclesial communities SEE, JUDGE, ACT AND CELEBRATE. If you would like to join our ministry, please contact Karla Zelaya at (847) 791-7129.


Ministry with the mission of promoting peace and harmony in marriages and families.
It was initiated with the purpose that the immigrants when arriving in this country could count on a parochial community where the sacred writings, the food, the friendship and the love are shared; Where they could find support and encouragement in their desire to carry forward their marriage and family and to help one another in the example of the early Christians.

We have monthly follow-up for the whole community (the whole group) normally on the 2nd Sunday of each month at 4pm at the Sagrada Familia Youth Center, where various themes related to marriage or the Family in general are touched, such as communication In the couple, the education of the children, etc. We offer babysitting with Bible teaching, coexistence of families and sharing of sacred foods during meetings.
We also meet in small groups, Peace-Promoting Communities and Harmony (COPPAS) where a theme of the follow-up book is shared and applied to our daily lives. These are more intimate where we can share our differences and / or growth as couples. These meetings are held once a month by rotating in the homes of each couple in the COPPAS group. The schedule varies.

We organize a marriage retreat each year to integrate new partners into the ministry even though it is not a requirement to be a member of the ministry.

Every couple who are looking for growth in a healthy environment for their families are cordially invited !. You can contact Deacon Fredy Muñoz at the office of the sacred family for more information at 847 623 2655 extension 119



"Mi Cristo Joven is a youth group that started in 2000 and lives for its motto" Young Evangelizing Youth. "The youth group is in charge of attracting more young people, together to learn more about God and the Catholic Church. Here, in our group, we support each other by being a community of love, we judge no one and can reach all the young people of the world. From 18 to 30, where they meet with a place of trust, peace, and brotherhood, we meet every Friday from 7-9: 30 pm at Holy Family Youth Center.

450 Keller Ave. Waukegan, IL 60085

For more information please contact the main office at (847)623-2655