Now that Mass can not be celebrated in public. Privately, our Pastor and associate priests are celebrating Mass every day of the week including Sunday at 08:00 am CST. The Mass is live streamed via our facebook page.

We encourage you to gather your family and unite with us in prayer during the celebration of Mass.

Following up our efforts to contain the expred of COVID19 among our parishioners, the following offices and ministries are suspended until further noticed:

  • All public Masses on Sunday and during the week
  • MBTA School 510 Grand Ave Waukegan IL 60085
  • Religious Education (Catechism formation, parent formation, RCIA and SPRED)
  • ALL Choirs
  • ARK Youth Ministry Group
  • Walk-in office Holy Family  450 Keller Ave Waukegan IL 60085
  • Gift shop at Holy Family 450 Keller Ave Waukegan IL 60085
  • RE Office 450 Keller Ave Waukegan IL 60085
  • ​Food Pantry (912 8th St Waukegan, IL 60085 )

Due to the essential character for many of our families, the following will remain operational as normal  

  • Soup Kitchen (914 8th St Waukegan, IL 60085)

Our churches will remain closed until further notice 

Parish news on COVID19

(847) 623-2655

450 Keller Avenue MBT Parish Waukegan IL 60085 US